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It has a monthly subscription with varying price levels and the possibility to add up to 25 users, depending on your package. QuickBooks by Intuit has various options for construction companies that they could use. They range from general desktop versions to contractor-specific versions, to cloud-based online versions. Before we can say which of the versions is best for construction, let’s see what are the needs of a standard construction company. After that we have this overview, can we give our opinion on what the best QuickBooks version for construction companies is. For me personally, the biggest issue is the job costing of labor.

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For the past few years, I’ve been teaching contractors and their bookkeepers how to put QuickBooks to work for their business. When your QuickBooks data is hosted, you access the data via a remote desktop connection. You can set this up with your own server using the Windows remote desktop software.

Features of Dancing Numbers for QuickBooks Desktop

You may streamline your work by merging the activities of Quickbooks For Contractors costing and basic bookkeeping processes with QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition. You might try to use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of job costs, as many small contractors do. By merging duties, the Contractor Edition will not only save you time but also keep you from forgetting to pay as job costs are linked to total company expenses. In addition to tracking the past performance and the final job costs, it is also important to make sure you’re within budget. Especially now that prices for materials can increase by more than 20% in a single month.

The following are a list of features, functions, and reports that work QuickBooks Online still does NOT have. As with a custom home, you will ideally wind up with something of high quality that has been specifically designed to meet your practical and aesthetic needs. But, as with construction, the greater the number of important decisions you’re asked to make, the greater the danger of making mistakes. Fortunately, unlike a construction project, setup errors in QuickBooks are generally easy to correct.

Setting Up the Chart of Accounts: QuickBooks for Contractors

If its preconceived notion of how you run your business is spot on, you’re in great shape. If you have a different approach, then the amount of customizing you’ll need to do may negate the advantage of buying a canned setup. Pro can give you virtually identical flexibility, but you’ll have to start from scratch to generate some of the reports that Contractor will give you out of the box. If you use some of the « higher function » tools that the Premier version offers, then that’s a significant advantage. An additional sortable field that allows you to filter transactions in order to focus the information in P&L statements and job-cost reports.

Save time with customizable business templates for repeatable purchase order and bill workflow approvals. One dashboard lets you manage cash flow, boost transparency, and help protect against fraud with a digital audit trail for each transaction. And employees get timely reminders so they don’t miss an approval deadline. Includes original documents of cost estimates; used for cost-to-complete and project profitability analysis.

What Is a Work in Progress Schedule? | Construction Accounting

If you have a construction business, you are able to do job costing on project and job levels with relative ease. This usually means a lot more data entry than using QuickBooks Online on its own, as you won’t be using the bank feeds to import these transactions. In some cases, like with Knowify, you can enter the transactions directly in QuickBooks Online and send them to the job costing/project management software. QuickBooks for construction has four plan options based on your company’s size and needs. The cloud-based program works with you when you’re on the job or in the office and easily connects with your existing construction apps. Some of our favorite features are the ready-to-use templates and the time tracking software.

Choose Reports and then Contractor from the menu bar to browse the reports. With QuickBooks Online Plus, QuickBooks Contractor is a more inexpensive option than Builder trend. For one user, the cost of QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition is $549.99 per year, but the monthly cost of Builder trend with QuickBooks Online Plus is $429.

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